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Bottom of today with the BB in each one of our hands a sprint ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Bottom of today with the BB in each one of our hands a sprint one will beat an att one! Better yet EDGE will always lose this battle. yea i know 3G is coming but you know what we arent using it yet so when it comes we can, start a new thread 3g vs EVDO. As far as coverage Im one of the fortunate ones to live in a major city (NYC) so my voice service is relatively reliable give or take with all companies. So i want the fastest data service!. Lets face it if it wasnt about the data we would all be walking around with moto razrs. So im sticking with sprint and to be honest the customer service isnt that bad.

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    ask me
    ~via BB ( is my opinion. I live in nyc and Miami and do some traveling I have had and used every us carrier worth speaking about. Sprint Tmo att and Verizon. Best all around in my opinion is att. Service wise. Fastest Verizon. Best customer service Tmo. Sprint as far as I have seen my calls drop going in an out of service constantly and sprints customer service is horrible. As far as speed goes. Ill take something that hsdpa from att.. With a 3.6 mb connection in the heart of nyc. You will never see anything load at that speed. Were in a kb per second data world as far as cell phones go. There is no phone on the us market today in any area that will or can download at anything near a mb per second. The fastest rated phone right now. Is supposed to be the att tilt. And its horrible.. The problems that there is. No matter how good your service is. Or even if your standing 100 feet away from a hsdpa cell tower or frequency your cell phones today in the 3g hsdpa have a 400 mhz processor.... Now unless were talking about laptops on 3.5g cards. You will never see a cell phone be able to process data as fast as anyone claims.. If you take a curve on edge. Put a 624mhz processor. And 256 mb of ram you'll have hsdpa speeds... People get confused its not your service. Its your phone.what's inside it is what makes it fast and be able to accept speeds. If you have two milk shakes. One with a big gulp straw in it. The other with a little red bar straw... You'll get a lot more througt the big gulp straw... Sorry best I can come up with... Whers My 9000

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    As for tech talk, this thread is interesting but let's face it each of the providers has it's perks and pitfalls. The same can be said for each device, OS, and application. We are fortunat to have the options we do with our BB's. It has changed my social, family, and business life in a possitive way.I prefere Sprint based on my own experience. If it's not broken don't fix it. Regards!
    ~via smartphone

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    I was with Cingular and was ever so happy - till the became AT&T. The performance dropped, the customer service went in the toilet, and their pricing charged upward - you had to adopt new pricing plans to upgrade a phone. My husband I switched to Sprint. I have had no complaints and am paying less for more features. While it is true that at this time Sprint does not have the coverage areas that AT&T does, I will live with that just to not have to deal with AT&T.

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    Been using sprint as an isp for several years now.... burned the chips out of a few berries leaving them on for months at a time connected to the computer at home . i have seen over 2 meg connection speed tests ,and like it for what i pay .. I have an old legacy plan that includes UNLIMITED data, not the five gig cap, and its less then 40 bucks a month.. go figure the people paying almost twice that to have an air card hanging out of their laptops.(I use blue tooth)
    I dont have an sep but never come close to burning up the 2200 plus minutes i do get.
    could you imagine two pda's with data ,the exrended service ,insurance, tax ,road side assistance and its well under a buck and a half a month.
    thats why i put up with the crappy customer service and dealt with all the problems i had.
    8 years and counting.
    ten new pieces of free equipment and no need to call in for bb support
    lets see att do that !!!!
    told a friend she needed a black berry to teather and it was 69 dollars a month ........ BOOOOO TO ATT!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenMarvin View Post
    AT&T's HSDPA is nearly twice as fast as Sprint's EVDO, but without an HSDPA Blackberry, Sprint is faster at this point.

    From what I have heard there is one working no release date or even model # yet(?a curve maybe?)

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