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I don't like ATT voice quality over my Verizon phone at all. It seems on ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: ATT Blackberry Curve voice quality??


    I don't like ATT voice quality over my Verizon phone at all. It seems on ATT I sometimes get words cut off from people and then I kind of hear a robotic sound. I'm not talking about a treo but voice quality as a whole.

    ~via BB (

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    Re: ATT Blackberry Curve voice quality??

    ~via BB ( switched from VZW to ATT and I haven't had anymore problems with voice quality than I did with VZW. Every carrier is going to have some issues here and there because it depends on so many factors. I would recommend going to an ATT store and trying out their Curve live demo by giving some people a call. Also VZW is not a big a player in the international market as ATT so your coverage would prob be better with ATT internationally. However, I haven't tried either company's international service so you might to ask someone who has used them overseas. Take note,though, that VZW is fairly new overseas.

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    Re: ATT Blackberry Curve voice quality??

    Quote Originally Posted by cliffr39
    did you read this somewhere? I don't believe it does because on both my 8100 and 8300 people could hear the wind blowing and it was not a very windy day
    Wind is pretty close to impossible to defeat. Jawbone has a pretty good explanation about the complexities of preventing wind noise vs. background noise. They do claim to be working on a future model that will help deal with wind noise.

    The ONLY microphone currently out there that can defeat wind noise is wired-only, TheBoom at starting at $99, though they even admit that to truly deal with heavy wind noise you need to buy their bone-conduction or 747 versions ($460 and $777).

    Also, if you read online about the 7xxx series you will see numerous reports about callers complaining about background noise. Then if you read the specs on the 8700, 8800, 8300, and any other 8xxx you will see something worded like this:
    Advanced sound technology that cancels out background noise and echo, to help ensure users can always hear and be heard.
    And you will see very few users of 8xxx complaining about background noise.

    Personally, my own test is... can I talk from my Mazda MX5 with the top down driving at 80? So far only three methods pass the test, in order of quality:

    1. TheBoom - people think I'm indoors.
    2. Jawbone - people can tell I am outside, no idea I am doing 80
    3. 8700/8300 BlackBerry to ear - people can tell I am driving, but can hear me

    It is what initially sold me on my first BlackBerry (8700) when I tried a co-workers phone while driving and it blew away my previous Motorola Pearl & Audiovox SMT5600 devices.

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    Re: ATT Blackberry Curve voice quality??

    Verizon and AT&T Mobility are the top two carriers for a reason.
    If you're comparing overall voice quality, that question can only concern the actual device you'll be using.

    I've heard so much garbage and trash talking I could handle on ANY Palm devices. I don't really recomended to it anyone.. If you NEED Windows Mobile get your self either a Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash OR the AT&T 8525. Don't look for any others.

    As for the BlackBerry Curve, see originally at RIM their main goal was data... and eventually they realized a lot of business employes and individuals alone simply just want "one" phone that does it all... so some of the earlier BlackBerry devices all the way up to the 8700c have had their known issues where the voice quality wasn't so great... but any phone made since the BlackBerry Pearl on up has been terrific.

    Get your self a BlackBerry Curve and don't look back.

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    Re: ATT Blackberry Curve voice quality??

    Every region is different than others and unfortunately people make blanket statements: ATT sucks, Verizon sucks, Sprint sucks, T-Mo sucks instead of qualifying it with I live in Little Rock and on the phone I have...Verizon is not that great...

    I live in Atlanta, use ATT and with my Treo 750 and the BB Curve and the old 8700g, I had great call quality and on my annual drive from Atlanta to Detroit up I75, I get signal and good reception until I get to Cincinnati (Cincinnati Bell is there)...No drops even in the mountains and none in Detroit (Go Tigers, Lions (yeah they suck), Pistons, Red Wings)...

    I say pick the carrier that works for you and go forth and multiply...
    We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight!!

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    Re: ATT Blackberry Curve voice quality??

    I got the curve and I'm loving it. I've been using the curve in atlanta for a week and the call quality is pretty good.
    I'm glad I moved away from my vz treo 700p.

    ~via BB (

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