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I am up for an upgrade and I can get the 8310 refurbished w/2 yr ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    ATT 8310 Titanium Refurb. Should I get it?


    I am up for an upgrade and I can get the 8310 refurbished w/2 yr contract for $89. Are there any issues with getting a refurbished phone?

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    Don't do it...It's a great phone but if I were you i would get the bold instead that is because you're with AT&APPLE. It's supposed to drop any day now...allegedly. But if you're in a rush to get it then get it. But do remember that black friday's also around the corner and you know what that means... Everything's gonna be ridiculously cheap. Good luck on your decision . I'm also due for an upgrade but i'm gonna wait til the thunder comes out and then maybe leave those ATT idiots.

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    Not at all. I purchase refurbs from att all the time and haven't ran into a single issue yet. For the most part I will order new but with most carriers I have always been somewhat leary about ordering refurbs but with att I have yet to receive a bad device.

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    My previous phone was an ATT 8100 refurb. The price was great, but I ran into some problems after about 8 months. The phone quit working, and there was nothing that ATT could do since the warranty was only 90 days. It was great for the price, but terrible once it broke down on me.

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    When I picked my curve, I asked about a refurb, since it would have been less money up front. The Sales guy (who I've dealt with before) told me they don't even bother selling them in his store, they were too much hassle. I worked a deal and got the 8310 for $99 after the rebate. We had to do some fiddling with the plan to qualify, but it worked out better anyway. The refurb would have been $99 anyway, without any rebates or discounts. My 2 cents is to stick with new, and not worry about why the phone was refurbed in the first place.

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