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I had a problem last night with completing calls due to the error, "Your call ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    AT&T update error


    I had a problem last night with completing calls due to the error, "Your call cannot be completed at this time". I called CS and they told me they needed to update my phone and I would need to power off for 20 seconds and then power back on. I did so and received the text message, "Welcome to AT&T...". I was able to complete calls after this. The CSR gave me a number, #002#, and told me to call it once a month to keep my phone updated. I tried the number and the following error, "Supplementary service error. Bearer service not provisioned" popped up on my screen.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what I need to do to be able to update my location and find another tower? I have a BlackBerry 8300 with v4.2.2.16 (Platform

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: AT&T update error

    I have never had the speciffic problem you had except for intermittent time and a second attempt usually went through. Usually if something like this happens, all that is necessary is to reboot your phone.

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