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So I go on site and I see a GREAT pink casing for a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Are all Cuves the same size?


    So I go on site and I see a GREAT pink casing for a curve, but it is not for the 8330. Now I dont know many ppl with curves to see if they are the same size or not. I want to change my casing, but I dont know if it will fit or not. Anyone her with an 8330 change the casing on their berrys?
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    I was actually told by my vendors that the 8330 is wider (in the mm's) than the GSM versions. He said that the holsters would work but leather cases would be too tight with few exceptions (the otterbox being one of them). I would take this as the housings being different also. I do know that the lenses are different (the lens goes over the LED in the CDMA versions where it stops below it on the GSM).


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    ~via BB ( that's interesting I never knew that.

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    I have friends at work with the 8310 and I have the 8330. The battery cover fits fine, but the 8330 is slightly taller than the 8310. I never checked the width of the phones. Didn't notice the lense, but I'll be sure to look at that tomorrow.

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    The 8330s are different sizes than the other 8300s. You have to order a special case for the layout of this phone. I have an 8330 and I went to Crackberry and ordered the rubberized case. It works great. I also ordered some skins from Hi Voltage Skin outlet. You get a pack of three and they're really easy to put on.
    I can't post links yet, so go to Ebay>Search>8330 Skins and their store should pop up.

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