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For no reason that I can find my new Curve 8320 from t month will ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    app error 523


    For no reason that I can find my new Curve 8320 from t month will display a white background and it will have on it app error 523 with a reset button on it. The only apps I have installed is facebook and yahoo messenger. T-Mo has informed me that I am running the latest OS any help. Also when I am tethering I will loose my internet connection and the only way to get it back is to do a battery pull and start over.

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    The two items I would suggest to correct this would be to remove any recently installed applications. and an OS upgrade. Use the App Loader to remove and reinstall Yahoo messenger, and if the problem persists you can use a newer OS from a carrier other than TMO. You will find links in My Blog to the latest OS by device, and a how to install. Just find and delete the Vendor.xml file after you install it on your desktop.
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