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Originally Posted by abgopm ~via BB ( When you setup your email for blackberry (either ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: AOL mail delay? And EDGE Question.......


    Quote Originally Posted by abgopm
    ~via BB (
    When you setup your email for blackberry (either from your pc or blackberry) you will see you can enter a reply to address in which you could put your aol email. You can also make your signature here as well, but only if you log on from a pc.
    Hey... Got the phone (its great)

    Im having trouble with forwarding the email.. On the curve I can edit my email address But im not sure of what to change...
    Heres how it looks
    General settings

    Email account name

    reply to

    Your name

    Sent from blackberry ATT

    Auto BCC

    Auto forward
    O all msgs (not selected)
    O only msgs with attachments(selected)

    Also when I complete this... Should I delete the original email address i set up in the personal email setup? I guess the emails will be double just the blackberry address will be sent much quicker.

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    Re: AOL mail delay? And EDGE Question.......

    EDGE speeds are as fast as the name sounds. The technology is on the EDGE of town. Far, Far away from the high-speed EVDO (sprint) and 3G (many others) that allow you to actually view a webpage in less than an hour. EDGE is so slow, BlackBerry (my new 8800) didnt even bother with Video/IPOD/Podcast options as it would take forever to download anything of size. Speed tests show less than Dial-up if you're not in a major city.

    3G is the only option you should consider if you want to use your phone for downloading anything. All other is the same for email ('cept attachments). AOL takes me 5-15 minutes to receive, but does coordinate when i delete/read something so that is nice.

    Either go with 8800/8820 for business use (no camera, but with GPS) or get IPhone which has MUCH bigger screen for viewing web/videos/music. Curve is caught in the middle and serves neither best.

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    Re: AOL mail delay? And EDGE Question.......

    for aol mine takes about 5-7 minutes for emailed to be pushed to my bb. gmail in like 1-3 minutes for me

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    Re: AOL mail delay? And EDGE Question.......


    I noticed too Aol is getting slower, even with the 15 min BIS push,

    It's a mix feeling between BJ and Curve,

    BJ you should get 3G, which is a bit of a shame with ATT (with BJ in NYC full coverage I would get 260 - 290kbps on speed tests, wow, is that what they call HSDPA...?); they say they don't have the spectrum, so I guess 3G is still day dreaming, forget HSDPA,

    Edge is just about the same with Curve and BJ,

    With Curve you'll be getting some limitations as per web, with the BB Browser you go through RIM servers, and get bugs on the Curve they are not solving,
    With Opera mini (a bit better), you'll be going through Opera's servers,

    3rd party applications for Windows mobile are to an extent much better than the still a 'limited' ones for Java,
    BB aplications are getting more expensive that Windows Mobile, with limited functionality or content compared to WM,

    If you are into multimedia, you're better off with BJ,

    Rim is getting closer to reach WM as per multimedia, we'll probably have to wait a couple of more devices,

    Both are multitasking capable,

    WM has a better file system, the memory expansion is more usefull at the moment, you can load applications and files (and music, and pics, etc), and run programs from your memory card,

    If you are on AOL, you won't be able (for the moment) to you use IM on the Curve, unless you pay for 3rd party applications, that chew up data, or download OZ via Media Net, and don't know if they charge you per data or per sms usage, usual Carrier's 'fog', so you can get surprise bills,

    Form factor is better with the Curve, with the BJ you'd better use the expanded battery if you are a lot into data, music, etc,
    Bluetooth seems to be slightly better with Curve (in the sense easier to pair devices, including BT stereo speakers, headsets, etc)

    The standard jack (3.5mm) on the Curve is better - more useful, so you could hook up for instance to your PC speakers to listen to music, BJ has a proprietary socket

    With either phone if possible, take an unlimited data plan if you are planning to use it as modem, browse, etc

    With BJ you can avoid having any extra add on plans, and pay per usage data, and if you don't do data, just use it as a normal phone,
    With Curve (or any BB) you need too have a plan (even if minimal)

    Hope to be of help in your choice...! Take care

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