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Just wondering if anyone is thinking of going to their previous BB--leaving the 8320? I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Anyone going "back?"


    Just wondering if anyone is thinking of going to their previous BB--leaving the 8320?
    I mean I'm never leaving my 8100, but I got the 8320 to try out and just kinda feel its so much like the 8700. Not crazy about the plastic casing and keys, it rattles to high heaven in vibrate is small which is good but doea anyone think the 88xx series is more substantial in terms of the feel in the hand?

    I do like the wifi and the 3.5mm jack --but have little use for the camera; no use for gps for that matter.

    My favorite sales guy said he'd let me upgrade for the 8820 although its not quite "time." Maybe because I have like 5 dots under the "revenue" line on my page he looked up. Guess that means I should just be happy with what I got.

    I'm sure most people's advice would be that I'm just gonna have to decide which I like best.

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    Re: Anyone going "back?"

    yep, no phone is the perfect fit for everyone. I personally hate suretype and require full qwerty, that's why I went from an 8100 to an 8700 before getting the 8320 (I missed having a built-in cam). the 8800 just didn't feel comfortable in hand to me or when held up to ear (too boxish). I know quite a few 8800 owners who love it and one who left the 8300 and returned to it because of prefering the 8800 keyboard. for me, coming from the 8700, it felt quite different, including the keys which were smaller and smoothed over on an L angle, to the lighter weight and noticable difference in thickness. For me it's the perfect phone in that it has a full qwerty, cam and wifi/uma with an amazing external speaker. I don't see myself leaving my 8320 anytime soon, especially since the wifi helps make up for tmos lacking reception in some of the places I go (upstate to dads, friends staten island basement, etc.)

    9xxx..maybe. only if its a 9320. I don't imagine tmobile reception improving anytime soon so wifi is a must lol. ;0)

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    Re: Anyone going "back?"

    never going back happy with my 8320

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    just ask

    Re: Anyone going "back?"

    Well I dont think I'm turning back to my Pearl but dont get me wrong I love my Pearl and I dont plan on getting rid of my Pearl but the Curve is sweet!!!
    Dymond Tink
    Mylee Pearl
    Hannah Curve

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    Re: Anyone going "back?"

    i had the 8700g i was a little pset with no camera.. patiently waited for the curve even tho i could have gotten a pearl but im glad i waited. i am excited about the curve im glad i have it its a great great phone. i got it the last wensday and still doing new stuff with it.

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