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I set my emails up through the setup wizard and basically just used the same ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Am I BIS or BES?


    I set my emails up through the setup wizard and basically just used the same email accounts from my outlook and passwords and it all works..does this mean I am BIS or BES

    I have been having some issues with opening attached mp3's that come in as emails. My provider told me that it might be worth uploading the device software again from

    How do I find out which software I have on my curve (the desktop manager is

    How do I know which software I am to download and is it a matter of simply loading it into the application loader and then it prompts you to overide the current software. Does it change all your settings?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Am I BIS or BES?

    Hello and welcome to the stacks

    More than likely you are using BIS instead of BES. Is your BB used for personal or business? Did your employer give you the information to set-up your company's email along with an IT policy? If the last 2 questions is no than you are BIS, which in turn you are allowed to log-in to your account thru PC and make your necessary changes to your email (if you want).

    To find out what OS you are runnung:
    -about (more than likely info will be on the 3rd line.

    Hope this helps ya! If not someone will be along or you are welcomed to search the threads.


    ~via BB (

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