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Originally Posted by dbly1850 Ok, I checked the basic OS is 17 megs with another ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbly1850 View Post
    Ok, I checked the basic OS is 17 megs with another 2-3 megs for the browser so say 20 megs off 96 should leave 76 megs for apps, still the totals don't add up and I am wondering if when I upgraded to 4.5 os, it kept the old and thus there is 2 OS's on this unit?

    Any thoughts, why the total under appls shows 46 free (add the OS times 2 and its pretty close to factory 96 megs)
    The 8830 does not have 96 mbs it only has 64 this might explain part of the reason your numbers are not adding up. When you install an OS the old is completely removed and the new one installed in its place. Retry your figures with the 64 and see if its more what you feel it should be. Remember also to allow for pre-installed apps and other things as well.

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    i hate my blackberry

    we have went from the blackberry pearl (which was a horrible phone) to the curve and it is just as bad!! i hate it. we have had like 3 and they wont swap the phones out for a different one! its so stupid. it lags have to constantly pull the battery!

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    The 8330s were awesome for their time, but at this point, they are old dogs in the smart phone world. Hopefully you are due for an upgrade soon.
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