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Aloha. Does anyone can tell me where i can find any app 4 the airlines ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Airlines app!


    Aloha. Does anyone can tell me where i can find any app 4 the airlines industry. I work 4 ual n woul like 2 have any app that i can c flts, gate info, without singing in to the web. Any info would be appreciated. Thx.

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    Often times it is just best to personally visit the airline you are interested in and solicit information first hand. Just my thought/opinion.

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    Have you looked into WorldMate Live? Go to from your desktop or from your blackberry.

    They have a free version and a paid version. I've used the free version before. It's pretty good. Tells you flight times, updates, arrival gates (not departing surprisingly, or at least I didn't notice if it did).

    You can add/update your itinerary from either desktop or BB and it will update on your bb.

    Give it a shot. The price is right! Enjoy.

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    Just a little note on WorldMate's Flight related features-
    > Flight Alerts
    > Flight Status
    > Flight Schedules
    are a "Free" limited time -only a few short days- trial feature,
    after that one needs to upgrade to the Gold paid subscription to use it.
    Compare Account Types
    Even though it does seem like the "Travel Iteneraries" feature is free but,
    one needs to log into the account to create one and thus is not exactly
    a 'live' feature per se.

    I tried the Flight Status some time ago and the Free period expired too soon.
    But, an excellent feature nonetheless!
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