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Originally Posted by chokem Me too, Ive bought two new 8310s because the previous ones ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by chokem View Post
    Me too, Ive bought two new 8310s because the previous ones weren't "perfect"-theres something wrong with me
    Nuh-uh. Perfectly normal, in my opinion!

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    I dropped my Motorola Razr into the toilet. After I let the phone dry out thoroughly and found it inoperable, I took it back to Verizon. Turns out that the water activated a dye inside the phone that made it both permanently inoperable and obvious to the tech that it had been wet. Don't know if the BB has something similar, but I see no harm in letting it dry out thoroughly and then trying it.

    I doubt that putting it in rice to absorb water will help; you want it thoroughly dry, but time (plus maybe some shots of compressed air from one of those pressure cans they sell for cleaning out keyboards and other electronics) should do just as well. If it were me and if the water was dirty as you say, I'd flush it out with distilled water (heck, it's already been soaked, at least get out any minerals) and then let it dry out naturally for a few days before powering it up.

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