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Hey Stackers!!! Anybody have this unit in use? OS 6.0 is pretty smooth. I dumped ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Hey Stackers!!!

    Anybody have this unit in use?

    OS 6.0 is pretty smooth.

    I dumped my 9700 for this. yeah I know, why give up a bold for a curve, well the keyboard is more 8900 like and IMO faster to type than the 9700.
    Just if the China Mobile 8980 were availiable....can't find it anywhere. That would be my device-even without the 3G!
    Ohhh BTW........just what exactly is a Bunky?

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    I am coming from a Pearl 8120 (will be re-activated on December 9, after 2 stints on an HTC Touch Pro 2). I have a hardware upgrade in 3 months (yearly upgrade I sorely need), and since I won't get another SureType BB anytime soon unless I leave T-Mobile (who just axed the Bold 9700), I was wondering if I should go for the Curve 9300 (lightest weight, GPS), Curve 8520 (smallest size, no GPS) or the Bold 9780 (best battery life, GPS and camera)? I mainly use my phone for the following:

    Phone Calls (WiFi and UMA calling)
    Music with dedicated media keys and can sync with iTunes
    Camera (mostly during the summer when I travel)
    GPS (available on the 9780 and 9300)

    Easily pocketable (I carry it in a pouch or in a backpack on my wheelchair since holsters and I don't mix very well)
    Device Memory
    Another thing I left off was the fact that I haven't used a full keyboard BB since T-Mobile had the 7730 which was about 6 years ago. I also found 2 batteries from one of my old Pearls that fit the 9300 lol
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    Well the curve is a good device, provides you more than the basics and since you have spare batteries as well, they would come in handy. i have used the curve and i am fully satisfied with it. I personally prefer it for texting over my torch, which I find to be too heavy.

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