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    8900 vs Iphone 3gs vs G2 (Mytouch) vs Palm Pre


    Well since my brother has the Palm Pre, my friend has the Iphone 3gs and my other friend already has the T-mobile Mytouch or the G2. I decided to compare them. Didnt have that much time with them though. Palm pre- I couldnt put it down, so smooth especially while surfing the web and i love how you can slide each page away. Keyboard is nice, kinda has a bubbly feel. Screen is nice and loading full length videos is very quick. T-mobile Mytouch- I loved the G1 and G2 was very nice. Love that its android, and has all the apps. One thing that dissappointed me was the speaker. Kinda raspy a bit. But phone was overall nice. Didnt get to test it on wifi but downloaded apps pretty quick. Iphone 3gs-Well its a nice phone pretty simple. Didnt really get to play with this one that much. Same thing that "theres an app for that". My friends were playing light saber wars and I felt kinda left out . Think I might have to make the switch although i dont really like touchscreen phones, these make me want to switch.
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    When your surrounded by the Palm Pre, Iphone 3gs and T-mobile mytouch (G2) makes me wonder about blackberry.

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    So which one is it gonna be? I'm going to the Pantech Matrix Pro. The dual keyboard and form factor, added to the fact that I always have loved Windows Mobile (just the older devices were JUNK which is why I left WM back then), make this one phone I can't pass up LOL

    I went so far as to participate in Pantech's recent Twitter contest to try to get my hands on one, buy the unlock code and switch it to T-Mobile LOL It didn't work. I didn't win the phone but I have 8 months left on my current contract and I am switching to AT&T to save money and get that phone.

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