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Something I have noticed on my 8900 is that whenever I am in a GPRS ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8900, Gmail & GPRS issue?


    Something I have noticed on my 8900 is that whenever I am in a GPRS coverage area, my Gmail will not send to my device.

    I don't remember having that issue with my 8320, but then again my 8900 seems to settle on a GPRS signal alot where my 8320 could pull and EDGE signal all day long, even with both devices sitting side by side on my desk.

    Is this a Gmail issue or is it a device issue? Will a BB recieve emails when operating in GPRS (I honestly don't remember, but I think that it would)?

    It's becoming a little frustrating because the reason I have a BB is so I don't have to stay strapped to my terminal all day long checking and answering emails unless it is extremely important or long and drawn out.

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    ask me
    A bb should have no trouble receiving emails from BES or BIS via GPRS...

    That being said, not sure why you're not getting your gmails... May be a temporary gmail or bb glitch...

    Can't explain why you're not getting EDGE, tried a battery pull?
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