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I have a question when someone has some time to answer. I have a BB ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question 8330 Memory Question


    I have a question when someone has some time to answer.
    I have a BB 8330 and under Status I have 15771522 file free for Memory. I don't understand how much of that memory I can use for Apps or other stuff without having issues with my BB. is there any min I should maintain?
    Thanks for your help.
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    ask me
    generally its recommended that you keep atleast 10 mb secured for regular usage. otherwise your device starts slowing down...

    based on what you have available, you can use about an additional 5mb towards more apps...

    blackberries drain memory as they run... you'll get the most accurate amount of free memory right after a battery pull so you may actually have a little more room than you currently see...
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    Also try freeing up memory by going to options>security options>memory cleaning and hit the menu button and clean memory. That should free up some more memory. Do this regularly and you shouldn't have too many problems.
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    You can also us hold alt key and type LGLG to open log file and delete them. Very little space but every little bit helps.

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    sorry no
    I just got to say thank you for the info.I'm so amazed you wouldn't belive it.I would have swore that if you got down to just 15 megs that your berry would bog down to a crawl.I knew about the ten meg drop over time,but but..... Again thanks!
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