Ok, so I figured it out. If you have an 8320 and are attempting to use wifi and it's not working for you:

Before trying all of the port opening and various function disablings (bad grammar) do this.

Go to your router configuration page (for my netgear www.routerlogin.com) and reset everything to factory settings.

Connect an ethernet cable directly from your PC to your router (if available) and start to set up your router again. Set it up as open (no security).

On your Curve, Scan for Available networks and connect to your unsecured network (mine defaulted back to NETGEAR). Once you do that your device should connect right away. Then go back to your router settings and enable security if you want. Then it should be simple to enter your WEP key (make sure it's WEP encryption, that seemed to work the best) on your device after scanning once again for your network.

That's what seemed to work best for me. I also noticed if you set your broadcast channel to a lower (mines on 4) you get better signal strength.

This is only if you jack around with your router a lot like me! It just needed a clean reset is all......