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I have trouble at work sending and receiving calls when I pick up it just ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8320 dropping calls


    I have trouble at work sending and receiving calls when I pick up it just hangs up on the person and sometimes it cuts out mid call. I think it has something to do with being on wifi. Anyone have similar issues?

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    Re: 8320 dropping calls

    ~via BB ( have similar issues mine seem to be when I'm just out of reach of the wifi connection and it wants to connect through the wifi... Its just unable to because its to far away and it keeps trying to make that connection instead of switching back over to GSM/EDGE

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    Re: 8320 dropping calls

    I have had that problem the last three days... however, I am about 2 feet from my WIFI connection. I even turned the wifi off on the phone and still had the problem... maybe a TMO problem???
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    Re: 8320 dropping calls

    Something that tmobile should know, maybe it's a problem on their end.

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    Smile Re: 8320 dropping calls

    I may be able to help... Couple of things to try put if you can.. It may or may not be your situation, but the combination of all of these things has made a drastic improvement in my router and my phone (and so far have had smooth hand offs from WiFi to Edge whereas before it was hard disconnect)

    1) Update to the latest firm ware offered by your vendor of choice (I know T-Mobile's .180 release was supposed to in part take care of the hand-off issues)
    2) Set a static IP in your WiFi Router for the Blackberry (depending on Router the instructions will vary)
    3) If you have a multi-mode router (ie b/g) set the WiFi to a specific mode. (iow either Wireless B or Wireless G)

    It doesn't sound like much, but believe me it makes a difference! (I know this from experience). Short of this if you still have a problem, I know T-Mobiles typical 1st response is to go to Starbucks or Borders (TMobile HotSpot zones) and try.. If you have the same issue it's likely the phone, if not then it's likely one of the 3 items I listed..

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    Re: 8320 dropping calls

    I also had the problem and ended up having Tmo send me a new phone AND SIM CARD. Seemed that since my sim card was to many years old it didn't work well with the wi-fi. Ever since i started using both i have had no problem. still can't make to transition from t-mobile on wi-fi to the local network Cingular.
    My suggestion is get a new sim card. Mine was over 3 years old
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    Re: 8320 dropping calls

    The SIM card happened to me too. But I still have no connection to the router in UMA mode in some cases.
    I have updated my firmware to 180.
    One trick I found is to reset your router. When I reset my router - once a day - i get no hand-off problems.
    Another issue I have noticed is the battery drain while on EDGE and connected to WIFI. If you are one EDGE and connected to WIFI your phone will try to switch to UMA all the time. So make sure you are on UMA will connected to WIFI.
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