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Originally Posted by JPREP Thanks for the info! I called T-Mobile and they were great ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: 8320 Build Quality


    Quote Originally Posted by JPREP
    Thanks for the info!

    I called T-Mobile and they were great in exchanging my device. The rep even noted that I should get a new one (though more than likely I will since it is a new release). She worried me at first because the devices allegedly should say "WiFi" on the top, and mine didn't. I thought I may have received some "test device," but I was later assured that only the Titanium ones do, and the Pale Gold do not.

    Thanks again for the help!
    They did a warranty exchange for you? I called and they wouldn't do it, they said I had to insurance claim it!
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    Re: 8320 Build Quality

    There were actual damages out of the box. Maybe that persuaded them to warranty exchange it. Literally, there was a near gash in it when I took it out. I didn't say anything at first because I had waited so soon. Maybe I just had a really understanding rep. Lesson learned, I need to speak up sooner.

    Who knows, maybe they just warranty exchanged because they just got some refurbs in. We shall see...

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    Re: 8320 Build Quality

    ~via BB ( haven't seen any of these problems occuring with my 8320 but that might just be me...

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    Re: 8320 Build Quality

    I'd gone through 2 8320's and am on my 3rd one which seems better than the first 2, but not good enough.
    I've had 7290, 8700g and both Pearls (black and white), they were all great. At least I didn't have to go back to TMO store 2 times to get it swapped.

    From what I hear and see, 83XX series seem to be the worst in terms of exterior build quality out of RIM products. Thanks largely to the great reps at TMO stores, otherwise I would've gone with a different phone (8800 or Blackjack).

    Honestly, my 3rd one seemed to be falling apart too, so I ended up getting a crystal case for it.
    It finally feels solid in my palms... (no creaks, parts sticking out of shape, etc)

    So... the Curve users out there...
    If your Curve starts falling apart and you can't swap it with a new one, get a case for it.
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    Re: 8320 Build Quality

    Don't get a BlackJack, unless you really like problems. I went through 5 in 3 months and the wife went through 3 in the same time period. What a P.O.S. that device is, and I have had almost everyother Samsung device before that and had nothing but good to say about them, this was definitely the exception to the rule.

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