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I have already called AT&T, got them to confirm my account settings, checked my laptop ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question 8310 Modem - Will not work


    I have already called AT&T, got them to confirm my account settings, checked my laptop settings, but after so many hours, I cannot get my BB to function as a modem for my laptop. I see the virtual ports, I am not sure what port it is supposed to run on and when i try to test my modem, it will not connect. What am i missing, trust me, I have searched and searched so many sites, it is all the same. Also I am using the latest software version 4.3 for DM, so I beleive I am good here, but why can't I connect? Is there an internal conflict between my modem on my laptop that takes a com port??? Any assistance is appreciated here. Tks.

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    Re: 8310 Modem - Will not work

    I had the same problem when I connected mine a few days ago.... Im through Tmobile but it would query the modem would show it should work then when I tried to connect it would just not do it... The thing that fixed it was removing the apn from my phone... Has messed up me using Opera but thats the worst of it...

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    Re: 8310 Modem - Will not work

    For att all you should really need is a data plan that has tethering and you apn settings setup correctly. If you've been through all that, you can try uninstalling the dm and installing it again.

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    Re: 8310 Modem - Will not work

    I just got one with AT&T partner in Canada, ROGERS.
    Same experience 4 calls so far and they use a "intelligent connection manager"
    Tried it with a friend's 8310. Same result.

    Don't know what it means to "remove apn", but as my IS department is very sensitive about "non-intended uses", I can't get help there.
    Was hoping to use this while away for the holidays.

    Has anyone found a clear solution or why this model doesn't work like my past ones that gave me no problems?


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    Re: 8310 Modem - Will not work

    Went through this with my 8320 at TMO. I spent hours on phone with the tech departments. No results. Funny thing was my friend bought a 8320 a few weeks later and got help from the right tech. When he helped me set it up, it only took about 3 mins. Here are a few tips. All related to T-mobile, but may help because it's still a curve and laptop setup.

    1) Install and be running the blackberry desktop manager when you want to conect to your laptop. The program is a translator. Mack sure its a current version.

    2) Use the USB cord. Have not worked out the blue tooth part yet.

    3) From control panel go to phones and modems settings. Highlight standard phone modem then click properties. when that opens click the advanced tab. here you will add a comand based on your carrier for T-mobile it was:


    your phone carrier can give you your comand. then hit ok/save then close this window.

    4) Then from control panel go to network connections. Create a new conection. For T-mobile leave user name and password blank. Also for T-mobile the dialed number is:


    Check with your carrier for the number to use if different then T-mobile. From here save. I also clicked save the password info, and it stays blank as it should. For some reason when not checked it wants to self fill info that is not needed.

    5) I had to switch from the unlimited data plan to Blackberry unlimited.

    Hope this helps. This worked on a T-mobile Curve, but should be similar for any Curve and laptop. It is faster than a landline connection, but not even close to high speed. I use wifi when I can. This reply is being done using my blackberry and laptop connected as shown above. I am in a home rebuilding and have not yet readded the internet so its great for my use here. I am new to the Blackberry world, but finding it pretty cool. Still figuring the toy out.
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