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Hello guys It seems that i have a problem with my new 8310 Everything is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8310 gps problem


    Hello guys
    It seems that i have a problem with my new 8310
    Everything is installed correctly but when I open the maps application it shows "requesting" and nothing happens
    Same when I try to refresh my GPS, looking for sattelites but no luck
    the phone is new
    any ideas?

    thanks a lot

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    Refresh your GPS in an OUTDOOR zone with clear sky. I remember my curve on the first day i tried to use the GPS and it took forever to lock satellites on the first try.

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    yeah I recentley exchanged my broken curve for a new one, and have tried 2 times to get GPS coord within options. but never got anything. Mapquest wont work, but the weird things is google maps does, so I have not tried lately.
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    I have had GPS problems at work inside the building. But soon as I go out it catches. Try GPS refresh outside on a clear day

    Also sometimes if I re boot the phone and turn on telenav or BBMaps it will take couple min to find satellites.

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