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Today I really got to put my 8310 to the test on a road trip. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8310 Battery life


    Today I really got to put my 8310 to the test on a road trip. I had the 8300 for the last month with the GPS bluetooth running. Battery life with normal text msgs and calls I would get about 5 good hrs of talk time. Now that I have the 8310 with the on board GPS ITS A BATTERY LIFE THIEF! Here is a
    tip when using what ever GPS maps make sure you exit all the way out just dont end it. I have found that it will still run and suck that battery down in the background. Example today I gave NAV4All and Amaze a test to see how well the give directions and fast routes/re-routes. Well once I got near my destination I just ended them like you do with any program well after a few hrs I got back on the road and my phone starts talking to me to re route. I took a look at my battery and it was at 6% A reall BIG DISSAPOINTMENT but Thats what the make car chargers for.

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    Re: 8310 Battery life

    interesting, thanks for the info.
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    Re: 8310 Battery life

    This reflects my experience as well.

    If I escape out of an app that's using the GPS rather than choosing "Close" or "Exit" my battery life really suffers.

    I think this will bite me in the *** eventually.

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    Smile Re: 8310 Battery life

    I heard of this in test reviews. The 8310 uses a lot more battery because of the built in GPS.
    Seems that the GPS device stays running although You use no GPS feature.

    If You have a navigation system in Your car, You maybe better stick with Your 8300.

    (I can't do so, only have a 8310)


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    Re: 8310 Battery life

    ~via BB (
    TeleNav is the same way make sure you exit through the menu or back button all the to the home screen. Figured that out when I first got the phone and tested it out on the way home and after I was home it kept telling me to turn left and right as I was walking through the house.

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