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    8310 and JVM Error 523


    So I have a user who has an 8310 and it worked great until he downloaded a shortcut to the NY Times. Then he started getting JVM 523 errors, so after some troubleshooting I decided to wipe the handheld and upgrade install his OS (whichever the latest one on AT&T's website was). Then after a month or so of perfect performance he downloaded a link to the Wall street journal, and same thing started happening again. I just rewiped and reinstalled the OS again.

    Could this just a bum unit? Should he call AT&T and get a warrenty exchange?

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    Re: 8310 and JVM Error 523

    It sounds like the apps he is trying to load are incompatible and causing the JVM 523 errors to occur.

    Wiping device and reloading OS is the resolution to this problem as well as removing the app that is causing it.
    It is not necessarily that the device is bad.
    Has he tried Viigo? That RSS reader would allow him to read those type of news links and it is compatible with

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