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Hi - I have posted on this before, along with several other users. There is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8300 Curve Media Player Problem


    Hi - I have posted on this before, along with several other users.

    There is a fault with the Media Player or Media Card, whereby the unit can not find all music tracks downloaded, even sometimes after waiting several minutes after enabling the Media Player. It is as if some tracks have been "lost".

    The only solution I have found which works is to switch off, take out the media card, replace it and switch on again. This normally ensures that all music tracks are visible and "found" again.

    I wonder whether anyone out there has a better solution, or knows of a permanent fix for this fault ?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: 8300 Curve Media Player Problem

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    I agree and have been doing everything you mentioned except actually removing the media card. There are a lot more weaknesses in the media player than just that. Some MP3s start playing and then an unrecognized msg pops up and it skips to the next track, some show the unrecognized pop-up at the beginning and never play the song etc. I've edited the tags on these files, re-encoded them using Audacity, etc.

    Another weakness is if you have several Greatest Hits albums - all by different artists, if the album tag says "Greatest Hits" for all of them the media player will think they are all the same album--even though they are in different folders under each respective artist.

    The Shuffle Songs feature only grabs a subset of songs and at the last of its songs it just stops even though (with a 4 gig card) it has played less than 25% of the songs on the card (rough estimate).

    I could go on (don't get me started on how bad it is with movies) but the point is that if this is to compete with the iPhone the Media player has got to make Huge improvements.

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