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I have read a few post here so maybe someone has had this problem. I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8300 and Plantronics 520, static when using bluetooth


    I have read a few post here so maybe someone has had this problem. I purchased a Plantronics 520 BT headset which is compatible with my Curve 8300. I am able to pair the two together but when I make calls the headset cant be any further then 10" from the phone without becoming staticy. It did work fine for a while but I have done a few OS changes (I cant remember which OS I used at first), and now if I put it in my holster and try to talk it goes nuts. I tried 2 other BT headsets, one was another 520 and a Motorola and had the same issue so I assume its the phone. The other thing is I bought a Mororokr S9 to listen to music and that works fine, I can walk 20 feet away without a problem. Is there any know issues with certain firmware for the 8300 and which if any should I go back to.

    v4.2.2.194 (platform
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    I, too, experience this with the Plantronics BT 510 and 520, but it happens on the BB 8300, 8310 and 8100 also (I'm BES admin so have tried all three). It doesn't seem to be the headset either since a Motorola BT set I have does the same thing. All three BT headsets work fine on a Razr v3 and LG phone that I have used also. I've got users complaining about this static issue but have not been able to resolve it so would be interested in any feedback.

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