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hey everybody, ive been here a few times and have always gotten great responses to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question 8100 or 8320??


    hey everybody, ive been here a few times and have always gotten great responses to my questions. here is my quandry. Im with tmo right now and have the 8100 pearl, since tmo has now gotten the curve ive been debating on getting one but im not 100% sure that i will be happy with it. Since nobody i know has one i figured who better to ask than all the people here. mainly what im wanting to know is can i still use all of my programs that i have on my pearl on the curve such as opera mini, beyond 411, etc. im assuming that i can. as far as the gps goes, is it a MUST to have one of the external receivers that i have been reading that people use or can it operate with just the handset? is the browser any faster on the curve than on the pearl? how much faster and reliable is the wi fi? is there anyway to go in and delete some of the language files and all that like i did to my pearl to free up more space on the internal memory? can i put all of the progs and everything on a curve from my pearl using the device switch thing on the desktop manager? unfortunatly tmo doesnt offer the new pearl, i forget the model number, or i would almost get one of those as ive found after playing with a curve at the tmo store that im not anywhere near as fast typing on it as i am on my pearl , minus when it puts in the wrong word and im not paying attention, lol, but im hoping that would be an issue that could overcame just by getting used to the smaller buttons on the keyboard. that is really the only drawback that is keeping me from just getting one. any help weighing out this issue would be greatly appreciated. thanx everybody

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    Re: 8100 or 8320??

    I love my 8320, mainly for the keyboard. Don't have to double click for letters & numbers. But all the other stuff, sorry no clue;I've only been a BBuser since september.

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    Re: 8100 or 8320??

    1. Yes u can still keep your apps from the Curve to the Pearl. Just use the Switch Device on the Desktop Manager.

    2. Not sure about this. I just looked at my Pearl and it has GPS capability in it. I have just never used it.

    3. Never had the Curve so I can't compare the browser speeds.

    4. Pearl doesn't have WiFi.

    5. Yes. You can use the Desktop Manger to delete apps, languages, themes, ringtones, movies, vids, etc from the Pearl and Curve.

    6. The 8120 should be out in about 17 days.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: 8100 or 8320??

    New update.. GPS is also moving to a triangulation of towers..

    The new Google maps actually uses your cell phone signal and that distance to 3 or more different towers to determine your approx position. They are actually pretty acccurate as well.

    Just FYI, sorry not trying to jack the thread lol
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