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The price between a 8100/8120 and the Curve is $100-150. Is there any reason why ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    8100/20 vs Curve change worth $$$?


    The price between a 8100/8120 and the Curve is $100-150.
    Is there any reason why I would pay this extra money? Other than full keyboard and slightly larger screen..
    Wifi - 8120 & Curve
    Sreaming video - 8120 & Curve
    2mp camera - 8120 & Curve
    8120 - I know has compatability issues with programs, that work on Curve..
    I just need to understand what is worth the extra cash. I'm sure I'd have to drop another $45-50 for the extended battery, for either 8120 or Curve.
    I appreciate the help.

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    You are paying for a better battery, more in demand device, bigger screen, full keyboard, different model all together. They have same specs but to be honest the curve/8800 series devices are the flagship devices of RIM. They are seen as serious messaging units. And trust me, if you plan on watching movies on your bb you are going to want a curve....~via BB (

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    I just bought a user at my company the 8120 and I have a Curve and a 8100. I loved my Pearl, but the Curve is a better everyday phone. The full keyboard and larger screen is definately a plus. I like some of the new features of the 8120 but not enough to make the switch. If you type a lot like I do then you will want the Curve.

    I suggest you go to the store and play with both. I debated giving the new user my Curve and taking the Pearl 2. But playing around with both of them I decided to stay with the Curve. You would be better off deciding which one would be better for you. I suggest typing a lot on the 8120 and the Curve before making your decision.

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    ~via BB ( Depends on what feels more comfortable for you. To me, the SureType series BBs are better for me. Granted, I used a 7100t, 7105t and 7730 prior. I hated the 7730. I have looked at the 88XX and 8330 coming out for Sprint. But I'm not chaning carriers just to get it.

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    I had an 8100 for almost 2 years, and just switched to an 8320 (bought from someone on these boards because I didn't want to extend my contract...paying $40 more than 2yr contract price to me is better than saving $40 but stuck for 2 more years).

    I only had the 8320 for a 3 days, but it took at least the whole first day to get used to it.

    My personal opinion:

    Pros of 8100 vs. 8320:
    - Thinner
    - I think looks better
    - Seems like there were a ton more themes
    - Suretype worked pretty good
    - It just felt more solid
    - Keys slightly bigger

    Cons of 8100 vs. 8320
    - No wifi (although 8120 cures this)
    - Had to go to separate "symbols" screen to insert regularly used symbols
    - Smaller screen size
    - 2.5mm headphone jack

    I figured it'll take some getting used to considering I'm typing slower on the 8320 than the 8100, and i have normal size fingers. I just find myself double pressing certain keys because I was used to the 8100's keyboard layout, and when I go to delete I end up hitting the enter button instead. The other thing that will take some getting used to is dialing on a number keypad that's offset from the center.

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    Just switched from a Pearl to a Curve this week, and after spending months swearing at the Pearl's SureType keyboard, I can say I am very happy I made the switch.

    Example of the frustration of SureType:
    I wanted to message my friend the following - OK, see you there! and this is what I sent - OK, are you there!

    Stuff like that made me want to throw the Pearl out the window.

    And that was actually the last message I typed on the Pearl.

    It's worth the extra coin!

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