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ok so that stupid 4.5 os i so regret installing it .. so i try ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    6 hours on fixing so far O_O


    ok so that stupid 4.5 os i so regret installing it .. so i try go back to 4.2 .. did random stuff didnt work .. so i use JL_cmder and totaly wiped the OS off .. now i get 507 screen .... uninstalled all os from computer .. install latiest stable os from carrier .. rebooted comp .. battery pulled bb .. put battery in . now i plug it usb to bb .. go into app loader and and choose the 2nd option the 1 that (doesnt) have "(Recommended)" on it .. chose all the apps i wanted to install like brickbreaker.................. click next , finnish , it starts at "Connecting to Device Rom" then my bb turns off rite away black screen red led .. then boots back up to 507 page . now DM says "Device communications error encountered. [A:0x00000022]" .. i dont get it .. i just baught this bb 2 days ago too .... cant be anything wrong with it .. am i doin somthing wrong ???

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    I suggest you try a different desktop machine. That worked for me when I had a similar issue installing 4.5

    Other option is to do a clean desktop manager iremove and nstall. That includes registry clean up. If you are interested (and comforable poking about the reg) here is the info:

    Perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop Software
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