I've been using OS4.5 for a week. Many ppl said the newbrowser is much better than the old one. Some ppl did mention it's better than Opera.And that's what I'm looking for.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any thing "new" with the new browser. I could see the website shown as same as my PC, but the Opera did it pretty well. The 4.5 browser just kept it as mobile view. I couldn't go to some website which the Opear was able to see.
In 4.2, I could press the "alt" and scrolled the trackball to sroll up and down easily. But 4.5 has cancelled this useful function. It uses "t" & "space" to go to the toppest and down to the most bottom. It sounds stupid.
Could someone tell me the truth? What's going on with the new browser?
PS: I'm using now