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Well the old Storm may know that the S2 is coming soon. It has been ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Wow, Screen Non-Responsive When Horizontal


    Well the old Storm may know that the S2 is coming soon. It has been slowly getting worse in responding to clicks (like the lower right corner). Now it won't even respond to screen clicks (anywhere) at all when laying flat on my desk. Even with the business card trick. Once I pick it up, no problem clicking, and the accelerometer is as quick as ever. Using the latest official OS since release. Resets no help. Sound like a physical problem to you?

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    No I don't think it's a problem with the phone. Mine does that too. And sometimes it doesn't. I think it's just how you touch it. Cuz sometimes I won't grab it when I go to click something and it wont work. And then when I do kind of grab it with the other fingers I'm not using at the time and try to click it'll work. It's more than likely a static thing. But who knows for sure.
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