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Well I decided to wipe my Storm clean and start from scratch cuz the phone ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    What happened after using JL_Cmder


    Well I decided to wipe my Storm clean and start from scratch cuz the phone was running a little slow. So I started to mess around w/ the phone after completely re-doing the OS, and I feel like it's running faster. Only problem was, ALL my applications were gone, INCLUDING the Browser icon. I started to freak out and immediately came here to get help.

    As I was typing in my password to PinStack, my applications came back one by one, including the Browser icon. NOW my only problem is... NO BRICK BREAKER. How do I get that back? I also have no Word Mole... and this will not go down so well cuz that's the only reason why my girlfriend likes my phone haha.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I Lost brick builder on my 8100 and I had to install os to pc and use dm and it was on there when went to add programs.
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    You can reload Brickbreaker and Word Mole from DM by checking them in the list. As far as your browser being gone, did you send your service books again? It doesn't sound like you did a coomplete backup before wiping and installing, that would have readded the service books and host tables.

    You can try readding the OS by running the loader.exe file in the AppLoader folder, that should give you every option to install when you do.

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