This problem happens from either the feature button on the side of the Storm or from clicking on the "Voice Dial" button under applications. The screen goes to the "Voice Dial" screen and the system responds audabilly with "Say a command." but it doesn't hear my response. It just stays in the same screen indefinitly and has "Listening" displayed on the screen. No command will work. On a related problem, I want to use the "Voice Notes" function. (WAY better than typeing.....if it works!) The phone will let me record a voice note but when I try to play it back I get the following error message "The media being played is of an unsupported format." I do not have any other types of voice notes other than my own recorded notes. I have deleated all notes and recorded more but I still get the same error message. Both these features were working initially but stopped working within 3 weeks of purchase. With reccommendation from the vendor they did a system erase and reset - removed all memory and settings. After this test the voice activated dialing worked but the voice notes didn't. Two days after we erased everything and reinitialized the Storm the voice activated dialing stopped working again. Always the same symptoms. It seems to work but doesn't listen.