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Im buying a blackberry storm verizon phone from a fella tomorrow morning. Can I use ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Thumbs up Verizon Black berry storm quick question. iden capable?


    Im buying a blackberry storm verizon phone from a fella tomorrow morning. Can I use boost mobile sim card to use boost mobile network with this phone. The phone being quadband makes this capable? correct me if im wrong , i hope im not wrong. Is this possible. Im praying it is. Because I went through alot of heart ache trying my hardest to get my 8830 world edition to work with boost , i gave up. It was impossible But its rediculous that the 8830's sim card capabilitys are only supported in other countrys BUT this one. That has got something to do with the big cell phone companys wanting you to go with a contract & the phone makers working close with the :arrow:companys being greedy. :arrow:The rich get richer. This is my hypothisis / theory. Not a bad one either. Its plausable. LOL But Will my blackberry storm (verizon) work with this spare boost mobile sim card I have laying around Boost mobile is iden. Im not worried about all of the apps working, I can understand that, & compromise for what it lacks with nice little programs and apps available widely over the internet. Cheers fellas. Opah opah. Been several months since i've last posted. Excuse my lack of knowledge. Now can somebody answer my question quickly before morning, Before I buy this phone. eeekkk [ Im desperately trying to avoid a contract of any sort] & love the idea of boost mobiles one dollar a day chatplan/ free weekends / free text. Chaching. Yes I am a broke baller. LOL Did you guys enjoy this post? Leave me some feedback ... Have a blessed day & thank you in advance.

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    the iden network runs on a...for lack of better way to put it "special" wont work...

    There would be a flood of unlocked iphones on nextel if so

    as far as your choice for boost...hey man if the coverage works, by all means its a good deal..

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    8350i is your only choice in a Blackberry for Boost.
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