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Do you guys think this merger could mean better or worse or anything at ALL ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Verizon and Alltel merger


    Do you guys think this merger could mean better or worse or anything at ALL for us storm users?
    Any alltel users have any input?

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    For me the only good thing for me outta this merger would be perchasing the storm. For I'm sure verizon will up the rates and charges on alltel customers and force them to change plans to make them get rid of there my circle plan and get onto a verizon plan. But we will see. Maybe this will be a better solution since verizon did pick up alltels debt. We shall see in the months to come. ~via BB (

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    When companies merge there is less competition to produce a better product and consumers will have fewer choices when it comes to services and products -IMHO-but then again I could be proved wrong. ~via BB (

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    It will benefit VZW users because of the extensive coverage Alltel has in more rural areas but in the end I think the Alltel customers will be losing out on some good plan features. Right now for a plan with the same minutes/data/text etc it will cost me about $35-40 more per month with taxes for the same two BBs on VZW and I would lose the mycircle plan which may mean I would need more minutes and then the price goes higher. I am tempted by the Storm but not tempted by the higher prices.
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