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I thought this would be good information for Storm 2 users. When I got my ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Using wifi for apps and email when not connected to verizons network


    I thought this would be good information for Storm 2 users.

    When I got my storm 2 I wanted to test the wifi connection. Under manage connections I turned off Verizon's data connection and left the wifi connection on. What I experienced is I was able to browse the internet over wifi but apps like app world, facebook and e mail would not work. I got an error saying that there was no network connnection. I was puzzled. I figured that if I do not have a cell signal then I should be able to use wifi for apps and e mail. At this point under manage connection wifi was green but had a white hash mark instead of a green check.

    I stopped in and talked to a Verizon tech and they confirmed that with out a cell network apps and blackberry email will not work but I can still browse the internet. I also was on the phone with a RIM tech for hours trying to find a fix.

    Finally last night I tripped over the fix. If you goto the browser>bookmarks>wifi services you have to click on wifi hotspot login. After that I get a message saying the "Your blackberry device is now connected to the internet". Under manage connections I now have a green check next to my wifi network. So now I can disable the verizon network and I still have the ability to surf the web, send and receive e mails and apps like app would and face book work great.

    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse anyone.

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    Great information to know. I'm sure a lot of people will be puzzled by that at first also.

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    As a side note to this, The BES provisioning is different than the standard BIS when it comes to wi-fi. With BES you don't have to go that extra step. Very good info. Thanks for posting it.

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    Earlier today I selected the hotspot option while I was in my office all day. I forgot about it until I stopped by a pizza shop that did not have a WiFi access point, and there was no way for me to reach the internet until I reset it back to the original setting before I selected Hotspot. It was no big deal, just something that needs to be remembered.

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