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Is there any way you can use your storm as a modem for your laptop ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    using storm as a modem


    Is there any way you can use your storm as a modem for your laptop or pc? If so what are the steps for doing so
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    In general, BlackBerry's can be used as a modem for your PC. Doing this is called tethering. If you search the forums for tethering, you'll find some good directions on how to do it. As far as I know, the procedure to do it is pretty much the same no matter which BB you have.

    Unlike the old days, you won't actually be dialing a telephone number. This is closer to a direct connect and I've found the speed to be about double a 56k modem (although it can be a bit flaky). The Storm will be connected to your PC with the USB cable you received with the BB. Before starting, make sure you have the BB Desktop Manager installed (I think there's a minimum version restriction on the DM, but since you have the Storm, what you have should be fine).

    One thing you also should keep in mind is that many plans charge extra for tethering. I have T-Mobile, which does not charge. Since you have a Storm, presumably you have Verizon...and I think they do charge for tethering. Be sure to check!

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