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OK So I have this error and I dont know what to do. Any help ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Question uncaught exception: java.lang.nullpointerException what??


    OK So I have this error and I dont know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have the blackberry storm and on start up before the security checks or whatever even finishes running I get these errors:

    uncaught exception: java.lang.nullpointerException

    So I read somewhere it could a third party app. I uninstalled all my apps. No luck. I did a wipe on my phone, still no luck. What does this mean??? So far its just annoying. I'm not having any other problems with the phone.

    I have the blackberry storm.
    I am running the official from verizon v5.0.0.328
    I have verizon (obviously)

    and if youre going to direct me to do anything with windows desktop manager, I have macbook desktop manager.

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    Question ... do you have Gmail Enhancement plug-in ? This is a common cause for this.
    Do the following: press alt+ lglg and you´ll get a list of all ocurrences on the BB. Hit x and the highlighted lettering signifies the error or errors - open and try and see what application is causing the problem.
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    I had the same problem when I upgraded to to 5.0. – 2 errors that happen when you reboot. To make a long story short, I received a new phone from Verizon. That should not happen and it probably has something to do when you did the OS upgrade to 5.0.

    Call verizon, you may be able to get a new device.

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    I had the same problem on my storm2 once I downloaded google maps

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