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Still no word about T-Mobile getting the javelin. No BB rep would confirm this.~
I'm _guessing_ that T-Mobile will indeed get the Javelin. Having been a T-Mo customer for some time & having followed their history, I find that they are better at keeping future plans confidential instead of allowing those plans to "leak out". Also T-Mobile has always had a more positive customer friendly attitude than any other carrier, & I've used them all at one time or another. Then when we take into consideration T-Mobiles long standing Pro WiFi position, what we have is a company that is well rounded & growing in the right direction in the US marketplace. This serves them well & because the focal point of the Javelin is an even better WiFi experience (compared to the competitors) it only makes sense for this phone to go to T-Mobile. It's in RIM's best interest to bring the Javelin to market quickly as they have the 8220, and place it with forward thinking T-Mobile. It's win/win for both companies.
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