Ok so it has been awhile since ive thrown my two cents in on this great app. If anyone never read it my first thoughts on the original beta releaase are on page one of these thread. I love this program. For aynbody that has multiple messaging services this is just like using Pidgin on your computer but its on your blackberry. everything is organized and easy to find. The program works well and is pretty reliable. The best thing is that it is not a large file and with it you can delte the goole talk, aim, yahoo messenger, and windows messenger and save a whole lot of room with just this one app. It is assetitcally pleasing and easy to navigate. I let my sister try it out one night. Now she is 15 and a texting freak but she doesnt have a blackberry and had never used one before my storm. She figured everything out in about 2 minutes. And she isnt even that technologically advanced. as a matter of fact i say she has the technology touch of death. Everything that has some kind of computer chip that she touches i end up fixing or replacing. This is just a great app and one of my favorites. I use it everyday multiple times a day. keep up the good work guys.