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I know this has been going on already so I must aplogize. I switched to ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    T-Mobile AIM etc is SMS or NOT!! Help


    I know this has been going on already so I must aplogize.

    I switched to TMOBILE - I have no "MESSAGIN PLAN" and I hear mixed information regarding Instant Messaging whether you use AOL Instant Messenger, GoogleTalk, WLM.

    TMO says they charge it as text. Other people say they do not its data. I have a unlocked BB Storm 9530, I have the unlimted Data Pplan for BES and BIS.

    I also read that it charges as SMS if you use the preinstalled IM client that comes on the phone. But if you go to or something like that and download the clients straight from RIM they will work as DATA.

    My last option was I was planning to buy BEEJIVE when they come out with the storm version and use that as it says that it uses DATA and no SMS charges.

    I just want to see who here is on TMOBILE without a MESSAGING plan and are you getting hit with SMS messages for you IM'ing or NOT... Please help me out.

    I am sorry that this was talked about already and I do not want to run it into the ground. Just want to know from another TMOBILE person. I swapped over the the 50.00 loyalty plan so I don't wanna leave it now....

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    The new AIM application that comes with the latest OS builds have the major IM clients made from RIM and they use data. Only the older AIM client by OZ use SMS and they don't ship that to BlackBerries anymore only smaller useless phones ( ) have it lol.

    Basically if you have the Storm, the AIM client is from RIM and uses data not SMS.

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