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Nothing too exciting just got to handle a Storm for about ten minutes that's all! ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Storm Preview!!


    Nothing too exciting just got to handle a Storm for about ten minutes that's all!

    I wasn't able to dive too deep into the phone. But here's a few things I noticed. The screen is huge. HUGE! You'll never look at a phone the same. I got a quick sample of the media player. Two things about that are video playback is excellent the screen is just beautiful. And the sound is awesome, you could actually hear some bass!

    Typing on it is different, but I liked it. A lot. And don't worry if you aren't great at spelling or if you aren't that accurate the spell auto corrector kicked in nicely. Yes that's right no more manual spell checks.

    Last thing is GPS. They said its unlocked. As in Google Maps or Yahoo Maps would be good to go. I wasn't able to get a pinned down answer so if you pick one up and VZNav is the best you got don't say I said it was unlocked!

    But really just to have that quick demo was more than enough to convince me. Seriously this phone will sell its self, so 11-21-08 look out!

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    Thanks for the update!!! I can't wait!

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    great thanx for that info...cant wait

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    You lucky bum....

    Thanks for the quick review....
    ..........SHAKE N BAKE..........

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    Was the Storm you tried at a VZW store? I'm dying to at least try it before 11-21

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    I got to check one out at our Verizon store yesterday, they said they just got it in that morning. I hope the lines not too long on the 21st or I might have to miss work.
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    I also got to play with one all day yesterday. The screen is like no other on a phone along with the sound quality. The touch on it was amazing. I love the fact that it actually lights up where your finger is before you press down and feel the screen click. The response on it is the fastest of any touch screen that I have messed with. I thought the lg dare was pretty fast but I noticed with the dare that if you went too fast it couldn't keep up and would skip letters. Not with the storm. It was right there with me. Taking pictures on it was just wow. The large screen with that 3.2 camera is awesome. The pictures are so clear and detailed. I know the dare has a 3.2 camera but the screen on the storm is soo much more crisp and clear.

    One thing that kinds bothered me was that I couldn't find out how to move the icons around. I am going back to work today so I am going to look again. Also it only comes preinstalled with only 1 theme. But that isn't that bad just have to wait for more to come out. One more thing is that it is kinda heavy but it feels solid like a rock. I kinds like that about it. It may just be heavy to me because I am use to the pearl.

    The scrolling on it is better than the iphone I think. Just lightly brush your finger across the screen and it moves. You don't even have to press at all just barely slide it across and it is moving.

    This is truly a phone you have to check out! And when you do you will see that it hard to put into words how this phone is.

    ~via BB (

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    Oh my, I wonder if ATT will get it soon. I'm excited just from reading the post~via BB (

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