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Originally Posted by granny I'm 65 years old and i love my Storm. Anybody can ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by granny View Post
    I'm 65 years old and i love my Storm. Anybody can update the OS, just read the forums they have very good instructions on how to do it. I have updated my Storm OS 3 times i'm on .90 now it is very fast but it does have some bugs. I can't wait til Verizon releases the offical OS update, i want to see which one it will be. Age doesn't matter anyone can do it.
    Let's see wise old Granny. If your Storm breaks and VZW sees you have an unreleased OS.. guess what, you just bought it and your warranty is completely void.

    Even if you dropped it.

    Even if the screen was cracked. Even if the keys started to not work.

    Non released OS = voided warranty. I've verified this several times with CS. You do that, you just bought it regardless of the warranty.

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    So i bought it! Right now i have a much faster running phone. I'm also understand how to downgrade to the official OS if i need to. I also have insurance on my phone and i could use it if i ever need to. My remark is to let people know that older women (since this thread is about middle age women, grant you i'm older than middle age) can understand how to use and upgrade their phones. PS i also have a 9 year old grand daughter who knows more about phones then i do.

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    right on granny.git yer shotgun out! hitdog is just a notorious storm hater. i guess he/she had a bad experience with it. i'm still lovin mine and i've had the same one since 8 am 11/21/08.
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    congrats, i hope you enjoy it..

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