Hi Stackers, need a bit of help...
Good friend of mine bought a Storm 9500 on a recent trip to UK. Got back to Portugal and had no problem loading Vodafone settings and respective service books, set up mail (BIS) etc. But... he is English language illiterate, almost totally.
1) All the software is in English. He cannot set it up in Portuguese - so when he writes mail or sms he has no help with SURETYPE (ie: no Portuguese dictionary). It's a drag, I tried it... Is there software out there that can help ? Is there BB software already available? (Storm is sold in Brazil . Portuguese/Brazilian would be good enough...)
2) Since I own a Bold, (and I know how it works) how do you copy, cut and paste on a Storm ?
Since he is well over his sixties, I doubt if he will keep it for long because of these problems. He shouldn't have bought it in the first place...
But if we can help, it will make the difference.