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I wanted to mention a couple issues I'm having and see if any others have ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Storm Issues...Again


    I wanted to mention a couple issues I'm having and see if any others have dealt with them/resoilved 'em:

    1. Often, when I turn the storm on after being off for a while, it does not automatically connect to the wireless network. So, If I turn it on, throw it in my pocket, I look at the phone 10 minutes later - it's status is "off".

    2. While the visual VM sees to work OK, I constantly, 5-10 times a day, get messages on teh screen saying that visual VM cannot make a connection to the server...This problem is usually temporary - Would you like call your voicemail now?"

    While these are relatively minor issues, they're annoying as hell.


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    Sorry I can't help, I haven't experienced either or those. I'm loving Visual VM. At first I never set it up because I thought it was a waste of money, but after trying it, I love it. I've never had to manually turn on the wireless connection either.

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    There is a bug in the auto on/off feature that won't turn on your radio automatically when it comes back on. I have not had this issue with manually turning the device on and off or even doing battery pulls.

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    I guess that I'm not the only one with that issue then. It just started a fewdys ago. ~via BB (

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