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Ok so I played with a storm for 10min in a Vodafone UK store today... ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Storm experience - one bug, screen probs


    Ok so I played with a storm for 10min in a Vodafone UK store today...

    - The bug I found in a few mins? You can rotate the screen and the display rotates to match. You can even have the hardware buttons on the left or right. BUT - put them on the left. The screen rotates ok until you start the media player, which is then UPSIDE DOWN! LOL. Simple software fix, but odd it isn't already.

    - Keyboard/screen. The clicking screen does work well. Don't trust the non-working samples you see on display, they feel VERY different from a real working unit. As others have said possibly something Apple would have done if they'd thought of it first!

    - SureType correction seems to be active even when using QUERTY. Just as well, as my typing accuracy wasn't so good or as fast as on any of my previous QUERTY BB's. Would possibly improve with time though.

    - There DID seem to be problem with this unit at least being able to properly detect and activate the menu options I was prodding. Lots of wrong selections activated, or difficulty getting the intended selection highlighted.

    Will be interestering to see if any of the above are themes that others report...
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    Yeah im still planning on holding out for the new curve :P
    It takes many professionals versed in many different area's to help the masses, I am just a single drop in that pool.


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    I do think I would love to get the storm, I might hold out on the curve too. Of course when Sprint gets a new one, I'll see.

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    I am currently with T-Mobile and am still holding on to my 7105T. Sure, I get laughed at and called names but there are so many new models out that I don't even know where to upgrade to.

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    Wow David I gotta say almost anything you upgrade to is a good start. Me personally, I have made it my mission to purchase every single GSM berry that hits the market.(In fact I just ordered that Pearl flip too)
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