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Just got home from work a few hrs ago...I work in a mall and on ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Just got home from work a few hrs ago...I work in a mall and on my way by the Verizon Store, they had all these BB Storm promos and flyers on a table in front of the store.

    I happend to stop in and the guy was playing with one, it was GREAT to finally see one with my own eyes and not on a computer screen.

    It looked Great, seemed to run smooth too. Until it locked up on him browsing the net. He told me to come in and pick one up Friday, as in this friday. I had no idea they were hitting the shelves for Verizon customers this Friday.

    Just thought I would let all the anxious soon to be Storm owners what I thought about it. Looks great, I know it'll be a great device

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    sounds good!

    wish I could get one!
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