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I subscribe to Rhapsodys To Go service for $15/month. Good services because as long as ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Storm and Rhapsody to go


    I subscribe to Rhapsodys To Go service for $15/month. Good services because as long as you have an authorized subscription device, you can "borrow" unlimited amounts of music (cant burn the music). I did connect my Storm to Rhapsody thinking since Verizon and Rhapsody seem to be well integrated, the storm would be an authorized device for me to listen to the subscription music I down load. I was wrong. The strom apparently isnt an authorized subscripiton device...unless I forgot to authorize it. Damn...I will have to check when I get home. Anyone else have any experience with Rhapsody To Go and thier Storm?

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    Rhapsody To Go does not support any cell or smart phones as compatible devices for their service.

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    LOL..."doesn't support"....funny because I have over 1000 songs from Rhapsody on my storm. I also have them on the MicroSD the Rhapsody application reads BOTH the phones memory and the MicroSD card.

    Additionally, you CAN burn songs with the $15 subscription...however, there are about 5 sons out of over 80 albums that I can't burn without buying the song itself.
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    Works fine for me. You have to download vcast to your storm first from the ”app store ” then you have to authorize the device via your computer n the rhapsody program. ~via BB (

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