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Two weeks ago I got a new Storm 9500 from Vodafone Spain. It worked well ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Sound problem with Storm 9500


    Two weeks ago I got a new Storm 9500 from Vodafone Spain.
    It worked well until suddenly I could not make normal phonecalls anymore.
    The sound can only be heard through earphones. It cannot be heard from the device, nor from the speaker.
    The screen shows the earphone symbol, even if it not plugged in.
    Trying to use my bluetooth earphone is no solution; does not work either

    When using the mediaplayer I can reproduce sound normally; speaker, device and earphone, so there is no hardware defect.

    I have looked trhough all the configurations but I could find nothing to fix this problem
    Battery pull - no effect
    Last week I did an OS upgrade to version 141 that became available at Vodafone,
    No effect either - note: the problem was already existent before the upgrade.

    Has anybody an idea how to solve this?

    Frits Jakma

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    Have you tried to wipe the phone completely then do the upgrade? That may work.
    ~via smartphone

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