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Ok so christmas eve my screen was going all bonkers and freeze, then i did ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    So Merry Christmas to me!!!


    Ok so christmas eve my screen was going all bonkers and freeze, then i did a bettery pull and heres the best part. The phone would come on technically but no display. It would ring and I could answer but not do anything else. Best part is my alarm kept going off cause I could use the screen to turn off ;( I love my phone have had no problems with anything at all and now this! Went to verizon today and had to order a new one won't get it till monday. I think maybe my kid dropped it and i didn't know lol. I miss my storm. i am going to be getting a new pin so everyone that has been so kind to be my friend if you get a request from on bb messenger accept me again!

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    What a headache! I am getting my new one delivered on I too will have a new pin.
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    well let us know about your new PINs then
    sorry to hear your both out of a working storm.

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