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Ok so ive noticed a few times now, when for whatever reason i am searching ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Simcard Rejected???


    Ok so ive noticed a few times now, when for whatever reason i am searching for a signal i get that red "sos" where the 1EX should be, when i get a signal back it says "simcard rejected"????

    anyone else have this problem or seen this or heard of this? A quick batt pull solves it, just wondering what it could mean?

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    gus, it sounds like your sim isnt making good contact. The only time Ive ever gotten this message is when I didnt have my sim properly inserted. you may want to take your sim out and wipe the contacts on it off. might help.
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    Gus, I received that same message on Mothers Day. It was while I was in an area that had poor service. When I returned to good service, the message remained and a battery pull corrected it as well.

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    No SIM

    I've had that happen a couple of times when I've been out on my bike, I guess the phone's been bouncing around in my pack and the SIMS's lost full contact. I've found that turning it off and back on with the red phone button sorts it out.

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